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Our founder, Scott Larson,  grew up in rural North Dakota and served in the US Navy as a Corpsman in San Diego, CA. He has worked a variety of jobs in different states, from framing homes to specialized concrete construction. He also entered the medical field and became a nurse after being discharged from the Navy. Most recently he became a licensed electrician and also worked as a construction Safety Manager. With over 3 decades of experience under his belt, he has become an expert in home services and repair. Our team is currently working towards becoming advocates for the aging population in ND, the goal being to ensure their homes are safe and free of hazards so they can continue to live comfortably in their homes. We can install stair chairs, grab bars, automatic lighting, ramps and other modifications. Our hope is to provide peace of mind to the families knowing their aging loved ones are safe.


Scott is married to his beautiful wife and partner in life Sommer, and are parenting their beloved 4 y/o son, Bennett. 

At You Scott It!, we understand the value of hard work and dedication. We stand behind out motto, whatever it is, You Scott It!

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